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September 25, 2016 · by Sean Heneghan · Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I highly recommend Sean. His clarity of presence and commitment to my wellbeing are in themselves enabling. We are working with childhood traumas which have had major impacts on my life and eventually brought about collapse. Sean’s combination of Eastern and modern Western approaches is contributing to healing and change at a profound level.

In sessions we often move very easily between discussing difficulties and imaginative techniques which access the original experiences underlying them. Every time this has produced new information and understanding and is an important part of building my capacity for healing and change. He is also not afraid to intervene and challenge. And I have discovered that I can challenge him, which is no small thing.

He is himself and doesn’t hide behind his techniques. Through this he models the freedom he talks about, which is very valuable to me.

The acupuncture at the end of sessions brings calming and stabilising and I think it is contributing towards building my strength and resilience, and deep healing and change.

I am grateful to have found him.


Anonymous, September 2016

November 17, 2014 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, Cognitive Hypnotherapy

“I first started seeing Sean for acupuncture treatment in 2010 on the recommendation of a chiropractor who worked at the same clinic as Sean. I needed treatment to help alleviate some debilitating symptoms I was experiencing. As an ‘invisible’ illness it is almost impossible to find a practitioner who can fully understand the varying range and degree of symptoms and how to treat them. I immediately found Sean had a great understanding of the symptoms and his gentle listening approach made it easy for me to explain the severity of the symptoms I was experiencing and how they impacted on my life.

I was already familiar with acupuncture and I was sure it would help but I was totally amazed at the speed at which the symptoms disappeared – even after the first treatment. No more pacing myself in case energy levels plummeted, and the pain lowered to the level that allowed me to get a full night’s sleep.

However, during the course of the acupuncture treatments, various other life events occurred that that had a huge emotional impact on me – car accident, house move, bereavements to name a few! I was starting to feel unable to move forward with my life and generally felt overwhelmed with a huge sense of grief and sadness that would appear as tears and sobbing at any given moment. Not a great way to be when you are trying to work and maintain a professional head on your shoulders!

It was at this time that I began having Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Sean. Initially I was reluctant to try it, I had heard of hypnotherapy and wasn’t sure how it could possibly help. Sean explained to me how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works. When having this deeply relaxing form of therapy you are never asleep, in a trance or at any moment not in complete control and I decided to give it a try.

I am so glad I did – I cannot believe how much it has helped me. It was a revelation. During the sessions the grief and sadness that had been holding me back were gently resolved. However, this was just the start of a journey to full recovery. I didn’t realise how many other areas of my life it would help me with too. As a result I am now more aware of how I react to situations and how to manage those reactions. It has given me new life skills that enable me to live my life in a more positive, forward thinking way. A mind makeover would be a great way to describe it!

Sean is the consummate professional; showing kindness, compassion, and integrity throughout the therapy and I can honestly say, thanks to his expertise I have my life back now.”

Liza Chapman, Buckinghamshire.

August 6, 2014 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, Cognitive Hypnotherapy

” I wish I had the courage to approach therapy the first time I heard of it from a friend. It took me nearly a year. I was looking at Sean’s site and reading other’s testimonials helped me to make one of the best decisions in years. I wish to share my experience so far if it helps to motivate others, just like it has motivated me, as well as share my thanks to Sean for his care and support. If only I made the call sooner I could have faced my now silly but then huge insecurities, anxieties and worries earlier. Originally all I wanted was help with weight loss – working out my relationship with food and trying to understand why “am I the way I am”…. believing that I was “faulty”.

Being fairly successful and respected in my business career, I still doubted my abilities, and never mind any success or promotions, I still considered myself an underachiever and a failure.The most eye opening thing about acupuncture with Sean was the release of positive energy, and the positive motivation to continue this journey to get back to the happy and confident me that I have left somewhere behind in my teens.

Charged with new levels of energy and curiosity, I began discovering how my mind works, how it has affected my self-belief and self-confidence and I began to see my self through my own eyes, rather than worry about how others must see me or judge me. I laugh now that I look back as I cannot believe how I have created these assumptions in my head, how I felt I had to constantly please everyone in order to be loved or popular. Trust is very important for me and from day one I felt that Sean was not there to judge me, but was there to help me to understand “me”. There is one word that pretty much sums up the process of cognitive hypnotherapy with Sean – purifying . Through talking, and thinking, and a little bit of homework, the overall process of my therapy with Sean has been simply a cleansing of my mind – filtering the things that made me feel bad about myself for no reason that I can understand now when I look back, and enhancing and bringing out the positive that I could not see before.

I used to think that I could face my issues by talking to friends. But they would only comfort me, and not find a solution. It would be only a very short term comfort. The difference in talking to Sean, and working through the layers of feelings, emotions, memories, is not to push them away short term, but to work them out. My previous experience with a therapist involved feeling a lot of pity for myself and somewhat patronised. Not with Sean. I have always felt in good care and confident that he cared, and I have a great respect for his knowledge and experience with people in similar situations. I have been through a fair amount of boxes of tissues before I met Sean. I used to have sleepless nights, I had zero energy, I felt exhausted all the time, I had no creativity or motivation at work. Now I have no problems sleeping, and after the acupuncture I feel I have a lot more energy -  positive energy that has made all the difference for me. It seems that I really only reach for a tissue now when I have a cold. It has been such a great and motivational experience. And it still continues to be.

I can only highly recommend Sean to anyone who doubts their own self. The boost in confidence and energy that I have experienced is, I’m not scared to say, … life changing.”


Michaela, Tring

August 6, 2014 · by Sean Heneghan · Cognitive Hypnotherapy
“ I went to Sean as I had a panic attack whilst driving. I thought I was going to die, my life flashed before my eyes (constantly). I had medical tests to confirm there was nothing physically wrong with me and I was shocked. I had moved house and was soon to move again and I was committing to a relationship, everything was perfect! (on  paper!)

I was on holiday and the same panic feeling occurred in a shop. I ended up in the medical centre convinced my blood pressure was sky high and I would have heart issues, everything appeared to be normal and again I was shocked but I couldn’t get over this. My hands were shaking constantly, I couldn’t speak and was scared beyond belief. I called Sean in a state of complete desperation. To be honest he was the first person to come up on my google search but then the only person to return my call. We spoke on the phone initially. I was in a terrible state and he could hear my desperation.

When I first saw Sean he calmed me from being highly tense, emotional and feeling massive physical reactions in myself which I couldn’t understand. Over time he has gradually peeled away layers to show that the present feeling was related to things that were far different from what I initially thought. Over the weeks I have been enlightened. I’ve had a journey of discovery into myself, the world and my relationships. Although I still consider myself a work in progress I am excited about the possibilities I am encountering, and feel excited about my future.

In short Sean has blown my mind. If it wasn’t for his help I would have completely changed my course in life and for this I am deeply grateful. Being so, I am happy to put my name to this testimonial. Whether you have issues or not, if an outlook of negativity in any form can be overcome I feel proud to help and spread my experience”.
Vanessa McCourt, Hertfordshire

July 9, 2013 · by Sean Heneghan · Cognitive Hypnotherapy

“A yo yo dieter with many failures behind me I realised that high blood pressure and associated health concerns needed a more intelligent response than yet another diet. I looked at many websites until happening upon Sean’s. I was struck by his qualifications and experience.

From that first telephone conversation I have been completely at ease, knowing that he understood my situation. He has helped me to the realization of where my problems really lie and of my ability to overcome them.

Whilst I have been losing weight (and continuing to do so) I experienced none of the negative feelings of fatigue, boredom, deprivation that so often accompany weight loss. Never before have I felt that this is not a ‘diet’ but a new way of eating more healthily to carry me into the future. I am amazed at how far I have come and I cannot thank Sean enough. He has been so supportive and empathetic. Whilst some of the subjects I have confronted have been challenging, I was totally able to face them knowing that I had his expert support and guidance.”

Heather, Hertfordshire


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November 10, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture

“After 3 years I was still totally devastated by an emotional betrayal, a friend suggested that I try acupuncture because everything else had been unsuccessful.
I had lost all my confidence and could not even look people in the eye, I was uncomfortable in my own skin, so finding the right acupuncturist was very important to me.
From the minute I spoke to Sean over the phone I was completely at ease, even his voice was calming. My first few appointments were very emotional but Sean’s peaceful spirit and understanding were as amazing as the results I felt from the very start.

Sean asked me what I wanted to achieve from the treatment, I remember telling him, that I wanted to feel 18 again, be that carefree confident person that had been so damaged, not only has he given me that by restoring the emotional balance, but I am completely at peace with who I am now, Sean has given me that peace.

After only 6 weeks of treatment, I am unrecognisable! Family and friends have said my ‘sparkle’ is back, colleagues have asked me what’s happened to me? And I have been only too happy to tell them why! I have recommended Sean to anyone who will listen; I just wish I had found him years ago.

I thought this would be the easiest testimonial to write because of how amazing I feel now compared to a couple of months ago when I first saw Sean, but when I started to write it I found it so hard to remember the emotional pain that bought me to him in the first place, because it honestly feels like I’m looking into a fog when I try to remember!

Emma, Hertford




November 9, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture

“After living with anxiety for years and battling through a particularly difficult stage, I decided to try acupuncture – something I had never really heard of, let alone tried myself. I can say now that after 6 weeks of treatment, it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve learnt so much about myself and problems I’ve been covering up in various ways over the years, rather than dealing with are suddenly much easier to talk about. I’ve found it so interesting to learn about acupuncture itself and its definitely made me much more open to all sorts of different therapies. I can now look at my anxiety in a really positive way which is something I’ve never really done.. Its happened for a reason, its making me stronger, its turning me into the person that I am supposed to be.. None of these thoughts existed in my mind before my treatment.

I would be lying if I said the last 6 weeks had been easy. They haven’t. For the first 3 sessions, it seemed that my anxiety was at a peak. I couldn’t focus on anything. It was only after my 4th session that I felt a massive and very noticeable weight was finally being lifted. If you are considering treatment with Sean please make sure you finish the whole 6 weeks as I was considering only doing 1 or 2 sessions and I’m so happy that I changed my mind!

I feel that acupuncture would not have worked half as well for me if it wasn’t for the fact that Sean was the one giving me the treatment. From the moment I walked into our first session I felt comfortable and was immediately touched by his warmth and openness. I looked forward to each session as I would leave with a smile on my face and a sense of calm throughout my whole body and mind. When my anxiety was at its worst, he would somehow manage to make me relax and laugh and he would constantly ask me questions, always showing a genuine interest and determination to get me back to my normal self again. By the end of my 6 sessions, I felt very overwhelmed and thankful that he had managed to basically turn my life around and that is no exaggeration. Thank you.

So, if you’re considering seeing Sean.. consider no more! I feel so much more energised happy, comfortable, grounded, stable and my smiley bounce has returned. Acupuncture really works and I’ve recommended Sean to so many people already”.

Rachael, Hertfordshire


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January 20, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture

“Having suffered with a number of problems related to stress for many years I was at a pretty rock bottom stage when I contacted Sean.  I had picked up a card at my Beauty Therapists studio and having had acupuncture a few years ago which was very successful I thought I would give it another go.

Sean was kind, calming and very positive about the help that he could give me.  After 6 weeks I began to feel better with no symptoms to speak of, no pain, and a fabulous feeling of well being. I am certainly no longer depressed.  I am enjoying life again and have a very positive attitude.  I am now embarking on a maintenance programme with Sean along with an improved lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise so that I never drop back to rock bottom again.

I cannot thank Sean enough for his kindness, patience and the treatment he has given. I wish I had contacted him at a much earlier stage in my illness.  For anyone who is reading this testimonial with reservations about needles and the stigma of alternative therapy I can strongly recommend it.  The minor sensation of the needles is small compared to the massive benefits in well being I’ve received”.

Clair Evans, Berkhamsted

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September 10, 2011 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, General News
” Over the years I have experienced a lot of discomfort and pain. I visit an Osteopath regularly and take classes in Pilates which keeps me functioning well. However, after a particularly stressful eighteen months with a family illness and other of life’s drama’s, I was feeling that I was getting worse and feeling continually uncomfortable. Often thinking about, but never having experienced it before, I decided to try acupuncture on the recommendation of a friend.
I found Sean’s website very informative and the testimonials heartening, I felt confident to make contact and book an appointment.
I have just completed a set of treatments and I feel so different, so full of energy and happy. From my first meeting with Sean and the initial medical history chat and treatment, I felt comfortable and at ease. Through that talk I was able to see that I had been carrying a great deal of emotional and physical pain on my poor old shoulders, that I was not quite me, that I had lost some zing.
Throughout, the treatments have been calm and relaxed and well explained. I leave each time feeling happy, and from that very first session I feel that I have got my missing bit of zing back again. I wake each day more comfortable, with a feeling of well being, calmer inside and no longer anxious or too quick to react.
I would like to thank Sean for his expertise, for treating me kindly and with great success, I recommend him highly.”
Andrea Roberts, Berkhamsted, September 2011

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