What is Counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk about your life, your experience and whatever it is that’s important to you. Usually people seek counselling because they’re suffering with a particular issue that they’d like help with and this is often where the conversation begins.

Counselling involves taking about what you’re experiencing, being listened to and understood, and exploring yourself more deeply in a way that’s guided by the counsellor. If you’re troubled with something and you want to talk about it, and if you’d like to explore yourself more fully then it’s likely counselling has something significant to offer you.

Counselling can be a deeply enriching experience in which you’re likely to discover things you didn’t know about yourself in a supportive, engaging and non judgemental environment. There are not many places to go in life where you have the time and the space to talk, to uncover how you think and feel in an open way, and to find out what interesting things emerge when you do this.

I’ve had a lot of counselling from two very experienced therapists over the course of my life and count them as some of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. As a result of those experiences I value self awareness, learning and emotional intelligence not just in my work as a counsellor but really as a way of life.

There are many different styles of both counselling and counsellors, born of many different schools of psychology. As a result different counsellors of different traditions work in different ways, and of course each counsellor has their own unique style of being that’s a reflection of their personality.

The style of counselling I trained in and received is called Gestalt counselling. If you want to learn more about Gestalt counselling you can do that by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to learn a bit more about me and the kind of counsellor I am you can do that by CLICKING HERE