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September 15, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, In the media, Research

As news began to circulate of the recent review which demonstrated acupuncture’s potential in helping chronic pain, many blogs have added their own commentary on the study with The New York Times posting a good piece on it in the health section of their blog.

As what’s known as a complex intervention, acupuncture is a treatment that’s a great deal more complicated to assess than a simple medication. There is wide variation in how acupuncturists treat patients, this coupled with the fact acupuncture is always highly individualised to each patient (and individualised differently by different practitioners) mean that large scale trials of acupuncture are full of potential pitfalls in a way pharmaceutical trials aren’t. However the recent meticulously conducted review by scientists from Germany, Sweden and England assessed almost 18,000 patients and compared their experiences to patients being treated with different medical options and standard medical care. It led one of the key researchers Dr Andrew Vickers to conclude “we think there’s firm evidence supporting acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain”.

The New York Times blog article on the subject can be found here:


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April 17, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, In the media, Research


An article in this months New Scientist online provides an interesting report on some German researchers who have used 100 studies to produce brain maps of 18 commonly used acupuncture points. One fascinating conclusion is that two acupuncture points in the foot having a traditional indication of treating visual problems were shown to deactivate visual areas in the brain such as the cuneus. Randomised Controlled trials are particularly complex in assessing what is in effect a medicine that is individualised for each patient, so studies such as these could prove particularly interesting for teasing out the physiological response to needling and ascertaining just what takes place in the brain in patients receiving acupuncture.

Full story in the New Scientist here:

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February 21, 2012 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, In the media


As acupuncture awareness week approaches (27th February – 4th March 2012) it’s useful for prospective patients to know that acupuncture is a treatment now recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence for the treatment of non specific lower back pain and is endorsed by many in conventional medicine.

Speaking here both as a GP and evidently as an acupuncture patient herself, Dr Jarvis is one of many who can talk about acupuncture from experiencing the benefits directly:

The British Acupuncture Council are launching Acupuncture awareness week to dispel some of the myths surrounding acupuncture, introduce acupuncture to people that may not be aware of the benefits it can offer to their health, and to offer more information on a treatment which is becoming more and more and part of health care in the UK.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be linking to snippets of patients talking about their experiences of having acupuncture in conjunction with acupuncture awareness week as this is a useful way of helping prospective patients choose whether treatment may be appropriate for them.

You can read about some of the experiences of my own patients from my acupuncture clinic in berkhamsted here:




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