What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive HypnotherapyCognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern form of hypnotherapy that helps people overcome their problems and create change in the areas that are important to them. It’s an approach that favours a highly individualised approach to each client,  and uses hypnosis, positive psychology, useful philosophies and techniques from NLP and coaching, and a number of techniques from the humanistic therapies.

Many of the problems we experience in life are built on limiting ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we’ve accumulated from the past without realising. Since many of these ideas operate at a level below our conscious awareness, they’re the limiting ways we think and feel that we don’t even realise we’re thinking and feeling – which can create repetitive, habitual problems that can feel difficult to understand or control.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy works to get underneath these unconscious processes and bring them into awareness. Many people will experience this as an enlightening process of discovery in which they uncover aspects of themselves they weren’t aware of. Typically this helps problems to shift, and leaves you with more freedom and more choice in how you feel and how you behave. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a significant departure from traditional hypnotherapy. There are no swinging watches, no supposedly mystical states in which you lose control or your awareness.

Much of how I work with Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes place in the form of dialogue. Sometimes I will use exercises in which you close your eyes and follow my guidance, some of the time your eyes will be open and we’ll be engaged in specific exercises or dialogue that’s working with your problem. You never lose control, awareness, or your autonomy.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not about you handing control or responsibility in your experience to me – which is ultimately disempowering and creates dependence. It’s about me facilitating your discovery of those parts of yourself that are resourceful and capable of successfully creating change in the areas where you may have become stuck.

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