What happens in a session of Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotic tranceYour first session is always an extended 90 minute session so we have a chance to go into detail about the problem you’re currently experiencing and how you’d like to be different. By having a clear idea about what’s going on for you currently, and clarifying how you’d like to be different, I can begin to tailor an approach to help get you where you want to be.

Often the initial session can produce significant change in itself as many aspects of the problem are drawn out of your unconscious awareness and into awareness. Many people will leave their first session feeling they have a much better handle on their problem and can imagine a future ahead that’s free from it.

As therapy progresses I’ll use a wide variety of techniques that to help to shift your experience in the area you’re stuck with. Some of these techniques involve work thats done conversationally with your eyes open, some techniques involve closing your eyes, relaxing, and using your imagination. These techniques can be powerful experiences that generate changes in perspective as new insights become available that help put you in control of changing of how you feel.

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