What happens in a session of Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotic tranceTherapy is best thought of as a conversation, so put simply what happens in our sessions is dialogue and then working with what emerges from this dialogue. Therapeutic conversations are very different than normal conversations, the conversation is slower, and guided by my facilitation you’re likely to go into your thoughts and feelings in a way you don’t normally and much will open up as a consequence. It’s a common experience for these conversations to be quietly populated with the kind of ‘aha’ moments in which you discover things about yourself you weren’t aware of.

Sometimes we might be just working in conversation, sometimes I might be guiding you using specific exercises, sometimes your eyes will be closed, sometimes they’ll be open. Everybody is different and what happens is always unique. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and you’re always the boss in your own therapy.


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