New testimonial from Berkhamsted acupuncture client

September 10, 2011 · by Sean Heneghan · Acupuncture, General News
” Over the years I have experienced a lot of discomfort and pain. I visit an Osteopath regularly and take classes in Pilates which keeps me functioning well. However, after a particularly stressful eighteen months with a family illness and other of life’s drama’s, I was feeling that I was getting worse and feeling continually uncomfortable. Often thinking about, but never having experienced it before, I decided to try acupuncture on the recommendation of a friend.
I found Sean’s website very informative and the testimonials heartening, I felt confident to make contact and book an appointment.
I have just completed a set of treatments and I feel so different, so full of energy and happy. From my first meeting with Sean and the initial medical history chat and treatment, I felt comfortable and at ease. Through that talk I was able to see that I had been carrying a great deal of emotional and physical pain on my poor old shoulders, that I was not quite me, that I had lost some zing.
Throughout, the treatments have been calm and relaxed and well explained. I leave each time feeling happy, and from that very first session I feel that I have got my missing bit of zing back again. I wake each day more comfortable, with a feeling of well being, calmer inside and no longer anxious or too quick to react.
I would like to thank Sean for his expertise, for treating me kindly and with great success, I recommend him highly.”
Andrea Roberts, Berkhamsted, September 2011

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